1.1 The Club shall be called – Pennine Soaring Club

1.2 The Club shall be a member Club of the B.H.P.A. and any other Hang Gliding or Paragliding Association considered necessary by the committee.

1.3 The objectives of the club shall be:

a. To promote the safe pursuit of hang gliding and paragliding in the north west of England.

b. To negotiate for, to administer and to protect flying sites.

c. To co-ordinate activities and to provide a flow of information between the club and its members.

d. To ensure the maintenance of standards and responsibilities in coaching and the flying and airworthiness of hang gliders and paragliders.

e. To give advice and coaching to members who wish to fly.

f. To assist visiting B.H.P.A members who wish to fly in our area.

g. To promote a positive image of the sport and club, paying due regard to the environment.



2.1 The Club shall be managed by a committee who shall be elected annually at the AGM. Committee members shall take office at the end of the meeting at which they are elected.

2.2 The Club shall have the power to appoint an honorary President, or Presidents who shall have the right to attend committee meetings.

2.3 The Committee shall be called annually or on requisition of  the Chairman, or three members of  the committee.

2.4 A quorate meeting shall consist of five committee members to enable a motion to be carried or agreed.

2.5 The Committee may make by-laws and regulate in regard to flying sites or any premises which the Club may acquire, and draw up rules and conditions for any competitions and displays in which its members may partake.

2.6 The Committee shall have authority to approve the payment of accounts, and to manage the Club’s affairs generally. No member or officer of The Club may attempt to obtain monies, property, or material goods or to accept any obligation on behalf of The Club without the express consent of a majority of The Committee. Where the amount or obligation exceeds the sum of one hundred pounds (or such sum to revised from time to time by a majority of the committee) said consent to be in writing signed by the Chairman or Secretary and one other committee member.

2.7 The posts shall include:

a. Chairman

b. Secretary

c. Treasurer                                 and may also include:

d.  Sites Officer

e.  Safety Officer

f.  Coach

g. Editor

h. Competition Secretary

i.  Social Secretary

j.  Membership Secretary

k. Web site administrator

and any other posts as deemed necessary by The Committee.

2.7a The Chairman of the club shall have a casting vote.

2.7b The Secretary shall keep a record of all decisions made at all committee meetings. He/she shall give notice to the committee stating particulars of all business to be considered at such meetings.

2.7c The Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts and they shall be produce at the AGM, together with a statement of income and expenditure during the previous year of office.

2.7d The Sites Officer shall be responsible for negotiating and maintaining public relations with Land Agents of present and prospective flying sites.

2.7e The Safety Officer for both Hang Gliding and Paragliding shall be responsible for giving advice to the club and its members an all aspects of safety pertaining to flying sites. His/her liability and that of the club and committee shall be limited to the provision of the best possible advice based an experience and judgement.. It shall in no way extend to the acceptance of responsibility for any accident howsoever caused, following this provision of such advice.

2.7f The Coach for both Hang Gliding and Paragliding shall assist old and new members and organise coaching courses if required by the committee.

2.7g The Editor shall produce a regular club magazine to include such items as required by the committee.

2.8 The Committee may delegate any person to deputise for any of the officers in paragraph 2.7 in their absence.

2.9 The Committee shall have the power to legislate on any point not provided for in these rules. It shall be binding on members until repealed, either by the committee, or a resolution of a meeting of the club.


3.1 The AGM shall be held between February and May

3.2 Reasonable notice of the AGM shall be given to members and the following business shall be discussed.            

a. Election of Officers

b. Report from the Treasurer and any other members of The Committee

c. Revision and amendment of rules and regulations where necessary.

d. Other items of which due notice will be given.

e. Any other business (no voting allowed).

3.3 An Extra-ordinary meeting of the club shall be called after one months notice has been given, upon written demand to the secretary of either 10% of the members or by a decision of the committee.

3.4 Voting shall only be by full or family members present at that meeting, and shall be by simple majority except in cases covered by paragraphs 4.5 and 4.6

3.5 Amendments or additions to the constitution, rules and regulations must be carried by a two-thirds majority.

3.6 Election of officers shall be by the overall majority of one candidate. In the event of a three cornered election, the candidate with the fewest votes shall step down.


4.1 All monies and property belonging to The Club shall be applied as decided by The Committee towards the furtherance of the objectives of The Club.



5.1 The Club may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a majority of not less than three quarters of the members present and voting at an A.G.M or E.G.M called for this purpose. Club assets will be distributed equally amongst the members.