Loop League 2014

Pennine Soaring Club - Loop League 2014

Pilot   Glider   Total Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5  Flight 6
1   Krzysztof Telus Skywalk Chili 3 114.8 76.8 14.8 11.4 11.8  
2   Dave Evans Skywalk Cayenne 4 86.4 19.3 17.7 16 12.2 10.9 10.3  
3   Graham Jones Advance Sigma8 81.1 18.3 15.9 13.6 12.9 10.7 9.7  
4   Brian Stewart Gradient Aspen 4 68.7 14.2 14.2 10.4 10.0 10.0 9.9  
5   Simon Blake Ozone Delta 2 45.3 14.0 13.7 10.8 6.8    
6   Paul Winterbottom Ozone Delta 2 40.4 22.8 17.6    
7   John Murphy Escape Stream 31.8 11.8 11.2 8.8      
8   Simon Baillie Niviuk Artik 3 14.4 14.4    
9   Richard Boyle Niviuk Artik 2 11.8 11.8  
10   Richard Tang Nova Factor 2 10.3 10.3  
11   Jim Ashley Niviuk Artik 3 8.3 8.3  
12   Andy Archer Niviuk Artik 3 8.3 8.3  
13   Simon Goodman Nova Mentor 3 7.0 7.0    
If you have any flights not shown or any other query, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
    Last Updated: 2014-10-05


The Loop League Returns!

At the AGM it was announced, somewhat perfunctorily, that the loop league trophy would be retired after being awarded for the 2013 season. There were a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Needing to submit flights to a second league (Leonardo) made it more complicated
  • Technical issues with the league website meant it didn't work as smoothly as it should
  • Further technical issues meant it didn't display properly (or at all sometimes) on the club website
  • The existence of the grid challenge, which it was felt duplicated some of the elements of the point of the loop league

But the committee has changed its mind! It regards loop flights as something to be encouraged. Independently planning and executing a loop flight (out & return or triangle) is an challenge that can push forward a pilot's skills without the additional concern of arranging retrieves that downwind XCs require, and is sufficiently distinct from the grid challenge that it's worth keeping on.

We are therefore announcing that the loop league WILL be returning for the 2014 season, with some modifications. Here's how we're proposing it'll work:

  • The league will mostly be run by the same rules as the National XC League:
    • You must enter your flight into the Pennine section of the NXCL
    • So the flight must be valid and follow the NXCL rules
    • Submit flights here http://www.xcleague.com
    • Club flights are FREE to submit in the NXCL
    • As the NXCL, it will run from 1st November to 31st October
    • Minimum circuit flight for a club flight is 5km
    • Flight will get the same multiplier as in the NXCL, and therefore score as per the NXCL
    • All flights must have a valid GPS track log, no witness flights allowed
    • Full rules in detail to be found here: http://www.xcleague.com/xc/info/rulesflights.html 


  • Please enter any flights done since 1st November NOW - enter these soon or they will not be allowed. Generally flights must be entered within two weeks of completion. But as the league has only just gone live you have a few weeks to enter flights done over the winter


  • The only change to the NXCL rules is that only flights done on EN-C wings and below only will be allowed in the loop league


  • Some mug has volunteered to coordinate the Loop League. He will maintain an independent Pennine Loop League on the PSC website. He will manually take flights from the NXCL and put them into the PSC Loop League, but this may take a few day, especially if the weather is fine, so please be patient. If a flight of yours does not appear in the loop league please email a link of your flight to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • The Loop League is here: http://www.penninesoaringclub.org.uk/index.php/competitions/loop-league
  • Flights do not have to be submitted to the XC league as a loop flight necessarily, though it would be better if most flights were entered as circuit flights
    • Any turnpoint flight with a "loop" element can be submitted for the loop league
    • This is so a flight can be used both in the normal XC Club league and the Loop league
    • Enter as a turnpoint flight email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details of you loop score
    • This is so you can fly a loop before setting of on a massive XC flight and keep both bits of the flight


  • The Loop League trophy WILL be awarded again for the best loop score for 2014 season