LBIA Proposed Airspace Changes

These are OUTLINE documents for discussion at this stage to changes in the Leeds/Bradford airspace. There will be meetings between LBIA and interested parties like us early next year. we will be needing inputs from those affected by the proposals, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be collating these inputs from our members. Please coordinate responses and comments via Brian. View PDF here

December 2014 Magazine is available

The December 2014 magazine is now available to download!

Pennine Soaring Club Magazines 2014

March 1975 Pennine magazine is now online.

The March 1975 magazine is now available to download! No you've not misread, this is the very first magazine from the club, more to follow!

Pennine Soaring Club Magazines 1975

The November 2014 magazine is now available

The November 2014 magazine is now available to download!

Pennine Soaring Club Magazines 2014

November Clubnight

  • 10th November at 8PM

    2014 XC season review. Everyone who entered a flight into the national XC league will get a chance to talk about their favourite flight from the year, but you don't have to!

    Show Map
    The Boatyard Inn
    Riley Green, PR5 0SP Preston, Lancashire


Grid Challenge Record Broken!

July 12th was a good day for the Grid Challenge. Mike Endacott scored a solid 8 on his first attempt, Simon Baillie came back and equalled his previous best with 11, but the big news is Phil Colbert has smashed the record by tagging the first THIRTEEN cylinders, in numerical order, in one flight.


Pennine Parafest 2014

Parafest 2014

Yes its back for 2014, the Parafest is to be held later this year with hopefully better weather than the
previous two years.

So the dates for your diary;…. the weekend of Fri 5 - Sun 7th September, and of course
at the Chippingham show ground. So dry out your tent and airbeds and prepare your family or friends. See
last years Parafest 2013 Report as to what fun you can have, don’t miss it!!

Read more: Pennine Parafest 2014

October Clubnight - Film and Photo Competition

We've got the first club night for the end of the year kicking off on the 13th October at the Boatyard Inn.

There will be prizes.

It'll be a two part event. 8pm start will be paragliding photos ground level or aerial. As long as they took the photo themselves. 5 max. Prizes awarded and the pictures could be used on the new Pennine website.
Part two starts 9 pm will be paragliding videos. Rules are that the video has been edited by themselves. Prizes again.
If time we'll have other films viva you tube, FB or Vimeo. Ideas welcome. Aim for 10 pm finish as its a school night.
We have very good prizes and its a voting system by you. You have a week and a half to get something ready. Keep it short like 5 mins max normally. Usb, cd or we have wifi (normally). Get there early, have a drink and a chat as starts 8 prompt.


The Loop League Returns!

At the AGM it was announced, somewhat perfunctorily, that the loop league trophy would be retired after being awarded for the 2013 season. There were a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Needing to submit flights to a second league (Leonardo) made it more complicated
  • Technical issues with the league website meant it didn't work as smoothly as it should
  • Further technical issues meant it didn't display properly (or at all sometimes) on the club website
  • The existence of the grid challenge, which it was felt duplicated some of the elements of the point of the loop league

But the committee has changed its mind! It regards loop flights as something to be encouraged. Independently planning and executing a loop flight (out & return or triangle) is an challenge that can push forward a pilot's skills without the additional concern of arranging retrieves that downwind XCs require, and is sufficiently distinct from the grid challenge that it's worth keeping on.

We are therefore announcing that the loop league WILL be returning for the 2014 season, with some modifications. For full details see

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