July 2013 Magazine is now available

The June 2013 magazine is now available.

July 2013 Mag

June 2013 Magazine is now online

The June 2013 magazine is now available.

June 2013 Mag

Pennine takes the lead!

After a cold, windy winter, springtime is definitely here. Some big flights have already been put in the league, including a big declared triangle in the Lakes on Saturday April 6th achieved by not one, not two, but three of our top pilots. Many others have also been out and about, which means at the time of writing, Pennine is not only the leading club in the XC League with 1221 points - with 13 pilots in play we're also the most active! And many of our "usual suspects" have yet to blow the cobwebs off and submit a flight - so come on, the weather's turning and it's time to play...


Pennines top UK XC Club league

2012 saw the Pennines at the TOP of the UK XC club league, again, with a dramatic 3248 points! 

Thanks to the top 4 Pennine pilots: Barney Woodhead, Phil Colbert, Phil Wallbank and Mark Wilson (cheers dudes!). Second year running and this time it wasn't even really that close...







Graham Jones opens Pennine's XC Season

Congratulations and well done to Graham Jones, who is PSC's very first entrant into the UK National XC League for 2013. And a cracking flight it is too - the classic "Totteridge Run" from Parlick, done very early in the year, February 18th. If you'd like to review his flight, you can see it here; click on the XC Player tab for a detailed view. Remember, while the Totteridge run can be quite tricky, you can fly a National League qualifying flight from Parlick without ever leaving the hill, and this year we want to see at least one 10km+ flight in the league from every member, and the weather is now coming good...

BPCup Victory

The 2012 BPCup was won by a Pennine pilot for the fifth time in a row. Congratulations to Phil Wallbank, who was successfully in goal with a flight over 50km from the Long Mynd and a flight of over 100km from Bradwell.

The Club Coaching Scheme

The PSC runs a club-coaching scheme. The aim of which is to provide a safe environment in which the Club Pilot-rated novice can be introduced to the sites in our area. The role of the coach is not only to accompany and inform the pilot, but also to assess the capabilities of the individual and temper the advice given. 

We can't and don't teach beginners. That is the role of the schools, but we will welcome you when your training is complete.

Pennine Parafest 2013