All the books and cool stuff to buy and where to get it from!


Currently available from BHPA, (Some also from Amazon) the following books are a great read. If you have any other recommendations for Pennine club members, please let us know!

Prepare to Fly


Paragliding Tips I Wish I'd Learned Sooner

Available from or Amazon. By local pilot Simon Blake. "Very, very good indeed and ridiculously cheap... not just recommended, essential!" - Skywings magazine, October 2012.













And the World Could Fly

by Noel Whittall

And the World Could Fly tells the story of how flying for the man and woman in the street became a possibility and then a reality. See how the happy conjunction of the research of NASA aerodynamicists and the determination of Australian water-ski showmen produced a hang glider anyone could fly.

Read how the parachute changed into a self-inflating wing capable of soaring for hundreds of kilometres. This is the tale of free flight every in ever sense of the term.









Hang Glider Training Manual

Learn to fly hang gliders with guidance of the world's top instructors

Learn to fly with guidance of the world's top instructors. Topics include: step-by-step training, history of hang gliding, equipment concerns, weather, common mistakes, soaring and much more!

Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots - 3rd Edition

Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots (102)

If you want to learn more about this incredible way to fly Hang Gliding for Beginner Pilots is a must read.
Developed with the assistance of some of the top pros in the sport. Written by Canadian pilot Peter Cheney.

Instant Weather Forecasting 3rd edition(46)

A classic book, brilliantly illustrated with photographs of clouds.

A classic book, brilliantly illustrated with photographs of clouds, that has become standard reading for sailor. Pilots can benefit from the photos of clouds and the commentary explaining them. A must have.


Pilot handbook Third edition

Written by the BHPA's technical manager Mark Dale, this is THE standard handbook on paragliding and hang gliding. Every pilot should not only have this book, but they should study it also.

Touching Cloudbase 5th Edition

A complete guide to paragliding by Ian Currer

Touching Cloudbase first appeared in 1991 to wide acclaim and soon became the standard manual for anyone starting paragliding. More than 43,000 copies have been sold worlwide since then. This extensively revised and expanded fifth edition includes all the latest information on training, including a task-by-task analysis of the Pilot Rating System.

It has extensive sections on Paramotoring, Tandem (2 person) flying, choosing equipment (including a comprehensive guide to the certification procedures), flying in different countries and terrain, and details on expeditions, Speed and Acro flying.







Meteorology & Flight (79)

A pilot's guide to weather

A pilot's guide to weather covering both large and small scale weather systems, illustrated with line drawings, graphs and satellite photographs, this new edition has been fully updated and revised. Practical and comprehensive it contains a wealth of information for the pilot.