Two new Club Group Tweet Accounts, these are group Twitter accounts that allow all who ‘follow’ the accounts to send and receive Twitters from that Group.

You will need your own twitter account to be able to access the groups.  I am not going to go into detail of how to setup and use Twitter.  The links to setup a new Twitter account and how to use it can be found at;

You can use Twitter from a PC/iPad/iPhone/Smartphone/Blackberry/etc.  In fact any device that is able to access the internet.  There are separate apps available for use with specific devices.  

What is Group Tweet and what are the new Tweet Groups?

GroupTweet enables 2 to 100,000+ contributors to tweet from the same account.  So our membership should be well covered.

The new accounts are:

psc_tweetis a General Flying message board for those wanting to send weather reports from the hill, sell kit, for committee and members to broadcast important announcements or a reminder about pending club nights.  Essentially anything club/flying related. psc_coachingis for Club Coaches and CPs to keep in-­‐touch, advertise coaching sessions, inform when there is a coach on the hill who is happy to assist anyone requiring coaching or for members to ask for some coaching or advice.   i.e. if you are a coach who is going out flying whether mid-­‐week or on a weekend then let others know by tweeting to @psc_coaching and telling all who follow, where you are going and what time to meet.  How do I find and follow the accounts?

Finding and following the Tweet Groups is simple.  Click on the links then click follow.   OR

You will not have immediate access, as the groups are private and moderated by me, I will need to approve the Group members.  Because they are private we should not be bothered by SPAM.

I usually accept within a couple of hours of the request.  I was the one who took the action away from the committee meeting so now I am the moderator of the accounts for my sins!!

Once you have access you will be able to see all previous tweets and will be able to contribute. Eg:

How do I broadcast a Group Tweet?

Start your tweet with @psc_tweet or @psc_coaching followed by your message and it will broadcast to everyone that is following the Group.

As an example Phil Wallbank sent a tweet last week to the @psc_tweet group regarding a first aid course; below is how it appeared on Twitter

It was sent from the Pennine Soaring Club @psc_tweet account but states that it came from Phil (via @weatherWallbank) therefore you can identify who sent it.

Once you begin to follow the accounts you may find that you will see the tweet from the

@psc_tweet/ @psc_coaching account along with one from the originator.  This is because you are already following the person who sent the tweet.  You may want to unfollow individuals and just follow the PSC Group accounts; this will eliminate receiving two tweets with the same message.

If you do not put @psc_tweet or @psc_coaching at the beginning of your message then the tweet will not be broadcast to the PSC Group’s it will just be sent to the people who follow you (the non-­‐flying lot who follow your every move)

Rules of Engagement

Please ensure all tweets are flying related or will be of interest to the Groups.

Members want to see: who’s out flying, what the weather is doing on the hill, selling kit, informing NOTAMs, Coaching opportunities, some snippets from your flying trips, club social activities, and club announcements, tweetpics.

Members don’t want to see: running commentary of your drunken night out, offensive comments, insults.  Whilst they are private accounts they will be seen by all our membership. 

The aim is to encourage easy communication for members and encourage people to take part in club activities.

To date: @psc_coaching has 17 followers and @psc_tweet  has 34 followers lets get those figures up.

Andy Archer

Sites Officer…. and twitter account moderator