Where can I get a tandem flight?

Before a pilot can take a passenger special training and equipment is needed. 

Your best plan would be to approach a commercially run school approved by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association [BHPA] who have all the procedures to do this. The nearest schools to us are:-

The nearest schools to us are:-

Active Edge Paragliding near Harrogate   www.activeedge.co.uk 

Northern Paragliding of Kirkby Stephen   www.northern-paragliding.com

Airventures near Keswick    http://www.airventures.co.uk/


These are all really nice people to deal with so give them a try; but be aware that hang gliding and paragliding are very weather dependent and so it's very hard to just arrange a day and have a flight - 

You have to be prepared to keep lots of days free and keep checking up with the school to see how the weather is looking. Even then you may go there and not be able to fly - more than once!