What does it cost?

Paragliders/hang gliders aren't cheap. A new model suitable for a recently trained pilot will cost around £2000 upwards, although second hand canopies will cost much less. Ask at your local paragliding/hang gliding school before buying any set-up, especially second hand. It is your life and safety first. Not how cheap you can get something.


Training at a registered club to a level where you are capable of flying your own canopy costs around £900, with accessories like specialist clothing and safety equipment like a harness, this total cost will rise significantly. 

At a training school you are taught theory on flight, basic meteorology, basic air law and are set an exam that you need to pass. You are also taught about your canopy, how to use it, what it is capable of and a few short hops will included in the course that normally lasts for around 10 flying days. 

You will not have to 'fork out' all in one go. 


If you are not sure if flying is for you you can always book yourself on a tandem flight with a local school, prices vary but you will be looking at around £150 give or take.


REMEMBER ITS FREE to talk! Any school, association, club or pilot on the hill,will be totally happy to chat your ears off. Maybe get yourself a first lesson. You will never be made to do anything you are not sure of and if it isn't for you, well you tried! You gotta be in it to win it!