Leeds Bradford Airport airspace expansion consultation

Dear Members - A Call to Arms! 

You may be aware that Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) is proposing an expansion to its controlled airspace. The consultation period is coming to an end on 6th October. You can see the whole document here.

 This has massive implications on soaring flight in this region. Your club officers have been working for months in the background, liaising with our neighbour clubs and the gliding and general aviation communities, as well as gathering evidence from expert users, to come up with coordinated responses rejecting these proposals. These will be submitted shortly, and the PSC official response can be seen in the document PSC response to LBA proposal 170915.pdf.

 Now it is up to you to do your bit: this is a numbers game and we need the support of EVERY member. Even if you aren't currently an XC hound, you may be one day soon. Equally even if you have no desire to float across the country, it is the profile and success of those a the top of the league that contribute to the dynamism of the club and are necessary for the sport as a whole to continue to thrive.

 You don't need to do much, simply send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the website http://www.leedsbradfordairport.co.uk/about-the-airport/airspace-change-proposal-consultation

Title: LBA ACP Consultation Response

(Please copy your response to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so we can keep a record of our objections)

As a minimum, simply stating that as a paragliding/hang gliding member of PSC (give them your name and PSC/BHPA membership numbers) you support the club's response to the proposal will be a great help. However it will add more weight to our objections if you could state in your own words how you feel about this - suggestions for inclusion would be:

Main concerns with the proposed airspace will include:

  • The new CTAs 7 and 8 will reduce soaring opportunities to the north of LBA and with a base of 3,500’ over ground that, in places, rises to 1,500’ will make it more difficult and dangerous to fly underneath. (LBA’s grab of this area is particularly galling as they have publicly stated that they won’t need it at least 75% of the time and would be happy to “delegate it to the military” when they’re not using it).
  • The channelling of even more traffic into existing choke points, including the Upton corridor, which may well preclude North/South cross-country flights
  • The narrowing of others, for example, the area (above 3500’) between LBA and the Linton-on-Ouse MATZ which will be reduced in width by a third.
  • The new CTA 9 will significantly reduce the soaring opportunities (including wave flying) for Burn, Rufforth and others, especially with the prevailing westerly winds
  • There are many other areas where bases have been lowered (see the diagrams and table in the proposal) which may well impact what you do or plan to do.
  • The complexity of the new airspace, i.e. the number of CTRs and CTAs, with different bases and heights (at different times), is also likely to cause problems.

Remember that it is not just our own sites and XC routes that are effected - if you go to the Dales or Peaks then this will affect you too.

 Please, if you've read this far, take the extra step and email your support for the club's response. Do it now, the deadline is 6th October but early is better.