When we are present at a flying site, we become visible ambassadors for our sport, and as such we should always ensure that the landowners and other members of the public are presented with the best possible impression of our behaviour.

Please adhere to the following site rules which, if you think about them, are just common sense anyway:


Respect the property of farmers, local residents and landowners.

Be polite and courteous to other users of the moors.

Do not climb over walls and fences. WALK TO THE GATE!

Close all gates.

Do not leave any litter.

Leave your pet dogs at home unless there is someone constantly on the ground with them, farmers get very upset at the sight of dogs running around freely no matter how well they are trained. Especially in lambing season.

The use of vehicles should be restricted to established tracks. Do not drive over moor land. 

After landing, take immediate steps to clear the landing area. Drive with extra consideration to and from the sites. 

In terms of you own personal safety, bear the following points in mind:


Never fly alone

Always inform someone at home as to your whereabouts.

Keep a small first aid kit amongst your equipment.


If you visit a ‘new’ site, always obtain a briefing about local conditions. Make sure you have read the section in this guide relating to the site in question. Contact a club coach and ask for any advice they might have to offer.