Inexperienced pilots are welcome provided they have attended a registered school and gained their initial flying qualifications. 

In the case of hang gliding this will be their CPC or for paragliding, their CP rating.


It is strongly recommended that novices seek the guidance of more experienced club members in the initial stages, not only does this give a safe introduction to the sites but it could save lots of wasted driving time going to the wrong site!


A list of Club Coaches - people willing to spend a little time offering help and encouragement to inexperienced pilots like yourself, is available in the ABOUT US section of the website. If you are unsure who to ask you can always email a committee member first and they will help you!


Remember, don't be afraid to ask, we were all fledglings at one time and most pilots welcome the opportunity of passing on their experience.


In addition to the above, we strongly recommend that you limit your early soaring flights to certain sites.


These are:

Hang Gliding

· Edenfield

· Winter Hill

· Parlick . . but only with coaching



The larger sites at Parlick and Pendle are, we feel, ideal but we would welcome feedback on this aspect, if a site that has good road access to it is crowded, then if possible the paraglider pilots could move to a nearby site that is just as good but with an awkward carry up for the hang gliders, this would make it safer for all.


Nont Sarah’s is considered to be a difficult and dangerous site and is definitely NOT a site for the novice.


Please read each individual site description carefully, take heed of any advice provided by the guide or by local pilots, a site might look very friendly but there are many dangers ready to catch out the unwary and inexperienced.