Check these out...  totally loving this right now


The P.I.M.P on vimeo

Pennine Soaring Clubs own Michael Endacott a.k.a the P.I.M.P, can generally be seen on the hill in his legoland boots, attached to a camera of some sort. Check out his kewl vids on vimeo. We recommend XC and Mini me, to start you off loving the P.I.M.P.s work... oh yeah... play LOUD!

Warning, scenes may contain gratuitous fun and a couple of swear words!



Pimple Queens on vimeo

Dedicated followers of Pendle Hill, the Pimple Queens have their exploits marked and recorded by camera man Mark Weatherhill, a man of mystery and quiet confidence, he documents the Pimple Queens as they are... a law unto themselves. 

"A small clan of Clangers on a secret quest for enlightenment escape the earth... i'd tell you all about it but it wouldn't fit inside your head. love love love xxx"

Keep the vids coming man... loving Butterfly Perception.
















Spiral Dive on vimeo

A series of videos from a flying fanatic, there is never a flyable hill without him on it. Mr John Baxby. Here's to you!

Living the dream: Paragliding, Thermalling, Cross Country & Speedflying.

Dude, attitude & aptitude = altitude, but my altitude, aptitude & attitude is not to blame for your ineptitude.... dude.

Ride the wind, take air, & blue skies!

Never Ending Thermal on You Tube

The full trailer for the classic paragliding free flight film



Makes you want to see the full video right!... Absolutely loving this movie. 

The action-packed documentary features the adventures of Venezuelan pilots Herminio Cordido and Jorge Atramiz as they embark on an around-the-world flying odyssey. Never Ending Thermal recently scooped the Grand Prize at the 22nd International Film Festival, held in St Hilaire, France, 16-19 September. 



So what happens when it’s blown out? We go out and buy more toys that’s what!

A power kite ... a great way of passing the time on a windy day!



Kite Flying... at its best

Amazing what this

can do with a kite!



Kite Flying... still the best (depending on your point of view)

- Apparently the original footage is without the music and you hear him screaming all the way down - still, a winner vid of how NOT to powerkite.



Stunning Views of Parlick in a You Tube Video by Eyemaxi

Eyemaxi attributes his first big paragliding flight in the

to the help of The Pennine Soaring Club... but at the end of the day the flying was all down to him! Stunning scenes of Parlick for the viewing. There are also some cameo shots of a few regular Parlick pilots.. can you spot yourself?




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