On Sunday June 3, the Bowland Forest Gliding Club had to suspend operations while a paraglider circled across their runway. Fortunately he was seen from the ground so the launch could be halted and there were no gliders in the circuit for landing. A senior instructor from BFGC, who is also a PSC member, came to our landing field and spoke to the PG pilot. This was done in a very professional and non-aggressive manner, and it was clear that the PG pilot was fully aware of his mistake and left their airspace as soon as possible. I have also spoken to both our pilot and the BFGC and while we are satisfied that this was a mistake caused by wrong decisions rather than ignorance of air law or any deliberate action, we will be taking steps to improve the education and awareness ofpilots flying Parlick.


We are fortunate to have a good relationship with BFGC and that we can approach these incidents on a no-blame basis and learn lessons for our future joint safety. I will be writing more on this and plan to amend the site guide with specific details on the rules regarding the airspace around the gliding field.


Keep safe out there everybody. . .


To leave or not to leave?

20:30 Wednesday 6th June, Phil Colbert chucks a post onto Pennine Flight Club group asking if anyone fancies some XC coaching on Thursday. That day I'd walked about 8 mile with my 20Kg pack looking for non existent wind. I was planning a day off & had a course to go to. However, XC coaching with Phil.... had to be worth a go, course can wait.

To leave or not to leave?

Equipment stolen

Ash Ghinn to Derbyshire Soaring Club

May 20 at 10:48am

My glider bag (and all its contents) was stolen from Featherstone railway station platform yesterday. I'd landed there from Rushup and left my bag tucked in the corner of a little platform waiting room while I ran to get a drink from a shop. The platform was deserted and I was only gone a few minutes, so it was immediately obvious that whoever picked it up had done so quickly and deliberately.

Stolen Equipment 20 May 2018


Forest of Bowland UAV Survey NOTAM

 A UAV will be carrying out survey work in our area, exact date/time is weather dependant, and will be notified in advance if possible and practical, but this cannot be relied upon. The brief email details are as below, copied for all to read. If you notice the UAV please keep away from the operating area. This is not a long term issue, just until the survey work is carried out.

Ed Cleasby's Pennine Soaring Club Club Night.

Link to The Northern Challenge Trophy

PSC Safety Bulletin September 2017

September safety update from Brian Stewart.

 PSC Safety Bulletin July 2017 Flying with Sailplanes


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