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Forest of Bowland UAV Flight - Wed July 18th

Please take care if flying on July 18th around Fairsnape as there is a UAV survey taking place. Please see image to see area affected.

Winter Hill Closed

Due to the moor fires at Winter Hill we have closed the site until further notice. Please do not fly the site until the closure is lifted. Once the fires are confirmed as being extinguished I will speak to the landowner to establish that we are able to access the site safely and that we are not having any adverse impact on the recovery of the moor.

Flying at Parlick - what you must know.

In addition to what is written in the site guide, recent actions by PG pilots have prompted the PSC to issue the following guidance to anyone flying from Parlick. Please read this carefully before going to Parlick.

1. Sailplane operations.

Bowland Forest Gliding Club tow launch from their airfield a short distance from the SW spur of Parlick: it is clearly marked on the air chart as launching to 3000’ AMSL. It is imperative that you do not fly over their airfield or interfere with their launch or landing. This is a serious safety issue - your priority as a pilot is not to cause a danger to anyone. The linked diagram shows the location of the field: the orange rectangle marks the runway which is the critical danger area