PSC Christmas party Curry Night

8 December at 20:30
East z East. 19 Church Street . Preston

Important information regarding the Xmas PSC Curry Night

Times are changing and so is the quality of food, it took a bad meal and service to move us from our last curry house which served us well for years. So moving on we have upgraded the quality of the curry house which at this time of year means several hoops to jump through. 

 I need a deposit of £5 per person a week before the meal. Additionally it’s a pain but saves you making the decision on the night, I need to know your order from banquet Bronze before the 29th of November.  Failure to do so will mean you wont have a seat reserved or anything to eat! Whether you can get a separate table on the night I no not.

 I require the deposit to be paid into our websites PayPalaccount with your name. Then go on the PSC Xmas Curry Night Facebook page and tell me your order. Apologies but this the only way to do it.

 So what you need to do is this;

  1. Pay either a committee member or use pay pal to pay your deposit. Christmas Party Deposit
  2. Go on the PSC Facebook page and place your order from the Bronze menu (Don’t forget the loved ones food?)
  3. Turn up early on Friday 8thNovember at Whetherspoons from 6.30 onwards (unless told otherwise) and get pissed
  4. Arrive at Restaurant before 8.30 to claim your RESERVED seat (No Deposit No eat)
  5. Enjoy the quality food including a drink (then buy your own)
  6. Pay the remaining £15 per head
  7. Then decide your destiny

 If this doesn’t work and there’s only Jones, Archer and Ithen next year ill find a less quality place that doesn’t require a deposit etc

 Apologies for anyone that doesn’t use PayPal, Facebookor use the internet. 

 Andy McLoughlin

Phil Colbert's Instrument Night.

27 November, 7pm
The Sea View Inn. Whittle le Woods. Chorley. PR6 7HH

Flight instruments. Ever wondered what your expensive flight instrument will do for you? It will definitely help your flying having the knowledge of the full workings of your instruments. Phil will host the PSC Instrument Night

PSC Safety Bulletin September 2017

September safety update from Brian Stewart.

 PSC Safety Bulletin July 2017 Flying with Sailplanes


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We have great flying sites to cover most wind directions with some of the best XC potential in the UK...

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