The access to Winter Hill is via a private road with a combination-locked gate. The general public have not been allowed to use the road since the terrible fires which devastated the moors in recent years. The PSC has negotiated access on behalf of members who are allowed to use this road in order to fly the site. The combination on the lock is changed periodically, and the Sites Officer is given the new code. Members wishing to fly Winter Hill can obtain the current code by contacting one of the Committee.

United Utilities are pleased with how this has worked so far, but have said that they are concerned about some misuse of the system and that access has been obtained by unauthorised persons. It is vital that any PSC member who obtains the code must follow the following procedure:

  • never share the code with anyone who is not a PSC member
  • do not leave the gate unlocked after passing through
  • don’t allow a following car to tailgate you through, unless you are confident they are legitimate users
  • always scramble the code on the lock after closing it

Thank you

PSC Committee