The Pennine Soaring Club runs a number of friendly competitions, (organised by the Competition Secretary) as a means of encouraging pilots to;

  • Develop their flying skills and self development.
  • Develop XC flying from Pennine Sites.
  • Provide a social outlet for Club, Inter Club, National and International relations.

Awards to Best XC Pilot, Most Improved Pilot and Bent Upright (for prangs) for the year, are awarded at the AGM. Contact the Competitions Secretary, or for full details of any individual competition visit the Club website, or relevant Inter Club, or National website.

Club Competitions
The top six flights only of any pilot are counted in any league shown below. Proof of flights in competitions now usually requires the evidence of a flight data from an appropriate flight logger.

The PSC Loop League

The Loop League is a friendly gentle competition, usually centred on Parlick, where fliers are encouraged to attempt to enter the league, with triangles to Fairsnape or Dunsop Bridge, as long as it follows FAI rules.

There are 2 options.

  1. FAI Triangle. The optimum flight with the highest multiplier, a big fat 3. This is a triangular flight with 3 turnpoints in addition to the start/ finish point. The shortest leg of the triangle must be at least 28% of the total distance. GPS Dump works all
    this out for you.
  2. Flat Triangle. This is a triangular flight with 3 turnpoints in addition to the start/finish point that doesn't satisfy the 28% rule. As the easiest loop flight it scores 1.5x the total distance.

So next time you're flying locally and find yourself high with no intention of going XC, why not try to make a loop flight? 

Parlick Grid Challenge

There are 15 scoring cylinders in Parlick West Bowl (see website for details) T score, simply visit as many cylinders as possible, in numerical order then send in your igc file.

  • Your score will be the highest number you reached.
  • You must record at least one track point inside each cylinder for it to count.
  • Where scores are equal, the most recent flight is highest.

These flights are now tracked as part of the Northern Challenge Trophy

Northern Challenge Trophy

The Northern Challenge Trophy is an extended competition offering a fresh approach to accommodating the British weather and pilot availability through a series of standing, focused tasks. In short, it provides maximum convenience and flexibility for pilots wishing to be involved. In large part it's a response to the difficulty of getting enough pilots and the weather to coalesce around fixed date events. The NCT is designed to overcome current difficulties and add extra spice (and learning) to a day's flying.

For more details go to

The Pennine Soaring Club XC League

This is a friendly, informal competition to encourage cross-country flying, among club members. It is open for all, and wishes to encourage relative newcomers. Rules for the Pennine Club XC League are the same as the National XC League and can be found along with the results at where there is access to a pdf of the year’s rules.The Club League results only count if they are from a Pennine Site.

National XC League

This is an XC League open to all registered and participating BHPA Clubs and pilots from any UK site. The pilot with the highest score from 6 flights wins the individual competition. The Club with the top scoring four pilots in the League wins the club competition.

Key examples of the Rules

  • The flights can be open distance, out and returns or triangles. Minimum distance is 5km.
  • For open distance, 10km for out and return and 15km for triangles.
  • All flights must be flown on the paraglider/hang glider between November 1 and October 31. Details of flights must be submitted within one calendar month of the flight but by November 10 at the latest.
  • It is recommended to obtain the FAI Sporting Code Section 7 from the BHPA office (£5 including an AI license) to ensure full understanding of, for instance, photographic turnpoint sector, and how to claim British and world records.
  • All flights must comply with current airspace regulations and restrictions.

BP Cup

A friendly individual competition held over several days in the UK, usually at a few different sites in different areas of the country. The preferred format is ‘race to goal’ rather than the simpler XC formats of the other competitions mentioned. Entry requires a 'Pilot' rating and some knowledge of XC flying and instruments. This is organised by the UK comps panel but
the clubs have some involvement in task setting and site selection.
The National XC League full details & rules at:


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