Winter Hill

Wind Directions NNW - NE OS Ref SD 660 150 (Sheet 109)
Height ASL 1496ft (456m) Rating CP
Top to Bottom 397ft (121m) Notam 8.072


From the B6226 Horwich to Bolton road, where the road crests opposite the pub, turn into Georges Lane. Go past the quarries till the road narrows by some houses with stone walls. Turn right between the houses and follow the narrow road past the transmitter.


Top driveable site! The Club has negotiated use of the access road to the transmitter, but be aware that the access gate is locked at 5PM each day. Parking is obvious; don’t block any gates to the smaller antennae. In times of increased fire risk, there may be restrictions on access.



Manchester TMA 3500ft alt, Class A, 2000ft (610m) ato.


Owned by United Utilities, access is via ITL land who run the transmitter compounds. Take care; there is a lot of debris in the field.


In general the site is less turbulent than Longridge. However, it suffers from strong wind compression for similar reasons to Edenfield, and also suffers (or benefits!) from wave effects. When there are signs of wave, it's best to watch carefully what the wind is doing, it can cycle quickly from light to very strong and back again.

The site also tends to be effected by sea breeze, and the wind often swings off to the North West towards the end of the day.


We share the site with the local aeromodellers club, please be courteous. There is an agreement to keep out of the Eastern end of the takeoff area, when aeromodellers are present. The boundary is 20 yards West of the fence that encloses the aerial at the East end of the ridge; please respect their right to fly.


It goes without saying that all pilots should be wary of the transmitters and supporting cables but in particular this comment applies to paraglider pilots in anything but light winds.

Be careful of getting blown back onto the barbed wire fence, which is not far back from the takeoff and landing areas.

XC Potential

Manchester Control Zone only 8 miles away.