BP Cup 2019

By Carl Fairhurst on  February 1, 2019 16:19

Entries for the 2019 rounds are now open and we have a round in the Pennines and one in the Yorkshire Dales. As requested by our pilots last year, entry is now restricted to EN A, B and C gliders only, Tandems are allowed but the same pilot must fly both rounds. All competitors must be pilot rated. An exciting new element has also been added, see the website for details - www.bpcup.co.uk


Grid Challenge Completed again!

By Simon Blake on  June 21, 2018 14:08

Since the Northern Challenge Trophy started, people have stopped telling me when they've done Grid Challenges. So I missed this until now: Geoff Crossley came to Parlick on May 18th, rattled round the whole grid challenge in an hour and a half AND made it back to the hill! Amazing!

Northern Challenge Trophy

By Simon Blake on  April 17, 2018 14:09

A reminder about the Northern Challenge Trophy - a competition anyone can enter whenever they like, with REAL MONEY prizes. Here's the current standings, with only a couple of intrepid Pennine pilots on the scoreboard so far. When the weather gets a bit better, let's see some more scores up there, eh?

Parlick Grid attempt

By Simon Blake on  March 13, 2018 14:11

As predicted at last night's Club Night, today's weather was good for a Parlick Grid attempt. Chairman Jones trundle round the first 9 cylinders AND made it back to the ridge, thus scoring 9.5 points - the first score of the 2018 season.
And as the PGC is one of the challenges in the Northern Challenge Trophy, that also means he's the first Pennine pilot on that scoreboard too, clocking up 223 points (tbc).
Upload your IGC tracklog to xcmap.net to score!