Forest of Bowland UAV Survey NOTAM

By Carl Fairhurst on  March 10, 2018 19:10

A UAV will be carrying out survey work in our area, exact date/time is weather dependant, and will be notified in advance if possible and practical, but this cannot be relied upon. The brief email details are as below, copied for all to read. If you notice the UAV please keep away from the operating area. This is not a long term issue, just until the survey work is carried out.

Please see below to indicate the area of operation in Jpeg format and also kml for those with Google earth installed on their PC, but as detailed below, the aircraft will require additional space in which to turn. This may bring the UAV into hill soaring territory.

Watch out, allow space, keep clear please.

Cumbria Soaring Club - Site Closures

By Andy Archer on  March 28, 2017 19:08

Cumbria Soaring Club

The following sites are due to be closed for lambing etc
Please do not fly them during the dates below
* Souther Fell - 28th March to 1st June
* Carrock Fell - Saturdays Only - 1st April to 1st July
* Sandbeds/West Fell - 1st May to 1st July
* Wolf Crags - 1st April to 1st May
The first closure is at Souther Fell from tomorrow, 28th March
The goods news is that we have agreed access to Wolf crags throughout May when this was previously closed for flying

RHADS Corridors – Summary

By Carl Fairhurst on  March 11, 2016 21:04

The RHADS Corridors – Summary mentioned by Pat Dower in the airspace is available to download in either Word or PDF formats.

LBIA Proposed Airspace Changes

By Phil Colbert on  December 7, 2014 18:59

These are OUTLINE documents for discussion at this stage to changes in the Leeds/Bradford airspace. There will be meetings between LBIA and interested parties like us early next year. we will be needing inputs from those affected by the proposals, and Brian Stewart will be collating these inputs from our members. Please coordinate responses and comments via Brian. View PDF here.