RHADS Corridors – Summary

By Carl Fairhurst on  March 11, 2016 21:04

The RHADS Corridors – Summary mentioned by Pat Dower in the airspace is available to download in either Word or PDF formats.

Pennine Soaring Club - Club Night - 9 March

By Carl Fairhurst on  March 2, 2015 19:02

9 March at 20:00

Boatyard Inn. Bolton Road Riley Green. PR5 0SP.

Pre Flight Planning. Dave Evans.
Subjects to be covered.
Weather assessment.
Flying site assessment.
Reason to fly.
Task planning.
Flying with others.
XC Planner.
Recording and entering flights.
Planning for competitions.

Graham Jones opens Pennine's XC Season

By Simon Blake on  March 13, 2013 18:48

Congratulations and well done to Graham Jones, who is PSC's very first entrant into the UK National XC League for 2013. And a cracking flight it is too - the classic "Totteridge Run" from Parlick, done very early in the year, February 18th. If you'd like to review his flight, you can see it here; click on the XC Player tab for a detailed view. Remember, while the Totteridge run can be quite tricky, you can fly a National League qualifying flight from Parlick without ever leaving the hill, and this year we want to see at least one 10km+ flight in the league from every member, and the weather is now coming good...