Hi All,

Just been notified by Arqiva that the Winter Hill gate code will be changed Friday 27th May @ 3pm.  Please contact a member of the committee for the new code.

The note continues to say:

The number of people that know the barrier code has been kept to a good level, thank you to everyone receiving this email for minimising the risk of the number being discovered by members of the public.

As a reminder:

Once you’ve passed through the barrier please lock it behind you without leaving it on the actual code, if I find evidence that someone is up the hill and they’ve left the gate open I will remove them/the organisation from this distribution list.

Thanks to everyone for helping to keep the code out of the public domain, as you can see Arqiva are taking access on to the top of the hill very seriously so please abide by the rules.



Pennine Soaring Club

Sites Officer